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Intermediate Level

Putting your brain to work

Turn your learning up a notch in the Intermediate Level learning. Here we will explore subjects in greater depth and put your brain to work.

Explore the Course Catalog in the next section, meet with your manager about the courses you are interested in and then log in below!

Intermediate Level: Services

Course Catalog

Intermediate Learning

Coming Soon!

Lending 202

This course is being built.
Take your lending skills to the next level. Learn how to restructure loans, improve member budgets and best practices on lending products!

Coming Soon!

Cash Handling 202

This course is being built!
Learn how to spot a master manipulator, how to handle large cash transactions in a respectful manner and more!

Coming Soon!

HR 202

This course is being built!
Learn about defined benefits, 410(k), spotting harassment in the work place and more!

Coming Soon! Chess not Checkers

This course is being built!
Elevate your leadership game! Learn about moving organizational pieces and the difference it makes when pieces are moved strategically.

Coming Soon! 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

This course is being built!
Become the person you were created to be! Learn about developing yourself so that you have the best chance of becoming th person you were created to be.

Intermediate Level: List
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